The new PlyCounter 2 has the following new features and improvements:

  • New touchscreen. Direct finger input. More robust and durable. No need to re-calibrate.
  • 2x longer battery life. Allows always-on screen usage during games. Accurate display of remaining battery.
  • New display with better screen contrast and brightness.
  • Improved date and time keeping, software and desktop application.
The new PlyCounter 2 can be used directly by touching the screen with any finger, like the screen of a smartphone. A special stylus is included in the standard configuration for those that might prefer using a stylus instead.

The current documentation covers the original version of the PlyCounter. The user guide of PlyCounter 2 is available here.

The PlyCounter is an electronic scoresheet certified by the United States Chess Federation (USCF) for use in chess tournaments, including events of the USCF and its affiliates.

PlyCounter With the PlyCounter, you can record the moves in your games. Once the
game is finished, you can review it and transfer to your computer for
analysis (PGN format). The time spent on each move is automatically

The PlyCounter is compliant with USCF and FIDE regulations and has
been approved by the USCF for use in USCF-rated tournaments. This is the
approval letter and the list of approved electronic scoresheets from USCF.
The FIDE certification is currently in progress.

The PlyCounter is made in the U.S.A.

The PlyCounter 2 is now available for $185. Extra styluses, case and
USB charger are also available for purchase. Buy Now

USCF     Made in USA